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Leah Rowan

BITB Founder |
Professional Organizer |
Packing Specialist

Welcome to

Back in the Box

Hi! I’m Leah Rowan and am really glad that you’re here!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with organizing… you know, “A place for everything and everything in its place!” Really, what 9-year-old makes a New Year’s resolution committing to organize more? This girl, that’s who…

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my joy for helping people organize and declutter only grew stronger. My family encouraged me, allowing me to create and work with their homes and spaces. During college, it took time to find a major that felt right, but I knew my passion was in helping others. My senior year at Duquesne University, I was earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations and Business Administration, but that wasn’t enough… and voilà, Back in the Box was founded!

It has been five years and my passion has only grown for this business and my clients. To continue this growth, I actively pursue new knowledge by keeping up my membership with NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing), and continue to network with others in this industry.  I’m actively pursuing education to always ensure my clients have the best possible experience.  I have enjoyed working with clients from all walks of life – whether it be packing for a move, reclaiming their space through organizing, or enjoying their new space by efficiently unpacking and setting them up!

Hi! I’m Anna Milano, you may recognize me from some social media posts, but my real presence is behind the scenes. I’ve known Leah since 2010 and I know how hardworking and compassionate she is.  We share a love of organizing and having an environment that is functional, comfortable, and personal.

My passion for helping others began to shine after earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology Movement Science from Pennsylvania State University. I worked as an in-home personal trainer helping people earn their health goals.  I shared my experiences with Leah and helped Back in the Box during its incubation stage, but life took me to Philadelphia.  I earned my Health and Physical Education Certificate from Eastern University and began teaching.  Years later, by some miracle, Leah and Back in the Box moved to Philadelphia. 

I joined Leah and BITB as an official employee in January 2022! I create, develop, analyze, and manage projects that are geared to continue the success of Back in the Box as well as expand it. In some ways, I am an assistant to Leah, getting behind the scene things complete to allow her to truly do what she’s phenomenal at – packing and organizing. Helping others and watching them find joy and comfort in their homes is truly a gift.


Anna Milano

Project Coordinator